Apr 9, 2021 at 11:44AM
Bronwyn L Winowiski recommends Susan Wellington

The moment I met Susan she made me feel comfortable and at ease about the huge decision of buying a new home. There was no pressure to purchase, and Susan had all the information of several homes my husband and I had chosen to look at. She certainly had done her homework for us before we arrived in Florida. After purchasing our home, Susan directed us through each step of buying our new home. My husband and I were very grateful for Susan's knowledge of legalese, and her connections to people who could help us close the deal. Her familiarity with The Villages gave us a sense of "rightness" about the choice we have made in our purchase. Susan continues to follow up ASAP with any questions we may have. View More Info at

Apr 9, 2021 at 5:41AM
Thomas Winowiski recommends Susan Wellington

Senior Research Associate

We first met Susan late Sunday morning and by that afternoon we had found the right house, made an offer, and had the offer accepted. Susan had arranged for us to visit eight houses in The Villages. She emailed lots of options, we picked a few and she added a few. When we found the right place, she used her connections to cut through red tape and get the job done quickly. She referred us to several necessary support people in finance, insurance, and lawn care, all of whom were excellent. Susan is very responsive when we call with questions. She uses her experience to anticipate our needs. We have no buyer's remorse. View More Info at